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Low emissivity (Low-E glass) is a critical component of high performance energy efficient windows. This glass has unique coating that allows the passage of short wave solar energy into a building but prevents long-wave energy produced by heating systems and lighting from escaping outside. Low-E glass allows light to enter while also providing thermal insulation.

There are two types of Low-E products : Hard coat and Soft coat

The Glassroom provides Low-E glass products suitable for any climate. The transparent coating is applied using patented technology during the glass making process while the glass is still semi molten. The result is highly durable hard coating that is permanently bonded in the glass surface. Unlike ordinary glass, Low E products provide insulation that keeps your home or building warm in the winter by reflecting heat back into the room, and cool in summer by reflecting the sun’s heat back through the glass to the exterior. The enhanced insulation performance of these products reduce the need for heating and cooling, resulting in energy savings all year round.



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