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Glass Processing and Templates

Glass Processing and Templates To the left is a detailed specification sheet on Glass Processing and Glass templating. Click the link below to download the attachment for future reference.

Glass Stock Sheets

Glass Stock Sheets To the left is a detailed specification sheet on Glass stock sheets and Glass toughening sizes and limitations. Click the link below to download the attachment for future reference.


THE GLASSROOM,S RETROGLAZING Our most asked questions
Q: Can my wooden windows be retro fitted?
A: in most cases yes, we do a written assessment of your windows to make sure they are suitable to be retrofitted and also give you a copy of the assessment. We can retro fit casement, double hung and fixed window.

Q: Can you install draft seals into the wooden window?
A: Yes we can install seals into all opening windows including double hungs to make them more efficient, we generally price the seals separately.

Q: I have double hung windows, will they stay up with the extra weight of double glazing?
A: yes, we weigh the sash with the double glazing installed and reweight the double hungs accordingly so they still operate as they should.

Q: Do you remove the windows and take them to your workshop to do the work?
A: No if possible we do all the work onsite, we remove the windows, rebate the frames and reinstall the windows the same day.

Q: How long will the job take?
A: Our installers will retro fit approx 8 panels per day so divide the amount of windows in the job and divide by 8 and this will give an approximate amount of days per job.

Q: Can we price per window?
A: yes we can price per window or room whatever way you want to price your job.

Q: Can we just do 1 window or 1 room at a time?
A: Yes this is why we price per window or room so you can retro fit your home as you can afford it, we have many customer that are one our schedule for 2-3 years, when we complete 1 room they go back on the list for another room in 2-3 months time or when they can afford it.

Q: Why should I use the The Glassrooms System?
A: With The Glassrooms System we have a drainage adapter under the double glazing to prevent any water sitting around the double glazing causing the double glazing to breakdown giving the home owner piece of mind that the double glazing will last.

Q: Has the system been tested?
Yes the system has been tested to NZS4211 and passed, which covers weather tightness and durability to very high wind zone.

Q: What are the products made from?
A: The grandaptater is made from recycled milk bottles and all the other products, like the timber beadings are made from sustainable sources making our system a very green product something we take quite seriously.

Q: Will installing double glazing stop condensation?
A: Double glazing will help condensation, if your glass gets cold enough it will still condensate but double glazing will help retain the heat in your home to reduce the condensation.

Q: Will double glazing make my house quieter?
A: Yes, standard double glazing will make your house quieter by approx 25% but if noise is a particular problem we can use different glass types in the double glazing to reduce the noise further to approx 55%.

Q: Will double glazing make my house warmer/cooler
A: Double glazing will make your house warmer or cooler as long as you heat or cool the house and double glazing will help retain the heat or cold in the building. Double glazing works just as well for keeping heat in as it does for keeping the cold in from air conditioning making it a year round solution for energy savings.

Q: I have some leadlight windows, can I keep the leadlights.
A: Yes, the way our system removes the glass / leadlights from the frames protects the leadlights, we hake the leadlight slightly smaller, install a new boarder lead because it is generally damaged from the putty, reseal the leadlight and install the leadlight into the double glazing where it will be protected from the elements.

Q: Do you paint my windows after the job is complete.
A: Generally we don’t get involved in the painting as most people either like to paint their own windows or have their own painter, we leave the window ready to be painted with the pin holes etc all filled ready to be painted.

Q: What if you find some rotten windows?
A: We complete an assessment of the windows when we quote the windows but sometimes rot is not visible until we rebate the windows and we cannot price for this, if this happens we can arrange to have a new sash made or repaired if more practical and then reinstalled along with the rest of the job for a very competitive price. This is generally the only thing that would change our quoted price.